The Anglican Church in Taormina is dedicated to Saint George and is one of the 270 European congregations that constitute the Diocese in Europe.

Bishop of the Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe

  The Right Reverend Dr Geoffrey Rowell is based in London. He has oversight over all Church of England chaplaincies in Europe.


Churchwarden and Synod Representative

  Una Scaletta was born in Wallasey, Cheshire and has lived in Catania since 1972. Una plays the church keyboard.



  Sara Teed was born in Williamstown, Australia, brought up in Yorkshire and has lived in Taormina since approx 1970.



  Sylvia Moschella was born in Islington, London and has lived in Mazzarò and Trappitello, Taormina since approx 1960.



  Jane Moser was born in Kendal, Cumbria, and has lived in Caltagirone since 1986.


Representative for Ecumenical Relations

  Norma Mazza was born in Southport, Lancashire and has lived in Taormina since 1972.


Child Protection Officer

  Susan Vinciguerra was born in London and has lived in Taormina and Trappitello since 1981.



  Salvatore Galeano took over as Verger from his father in 2000; this is a family tradition as the post was previously held by both Salvatore's mother (for a short time in the 50's) and his grandfather.


Eucharistic Assistants

  Valerie Bailey, Pam Bonaventura (Secretary from 1979-1983 and from 1994 to 2009), Santi Scaletta, Una Scaletta, Sara Teed, Susan Vinciguerra.


Seamstress and Council Members

  Seamstress: Marcia Davidson Caprino
Council Members: Tansy Ball, Pauline Drinkwater, Ann Malloch, Giuseppe Moschella, Giulia Vinciguerra.

More of us


St. George's Church is host to the local German Lutheran community once a month. St. George is 'twinned' with the Anglican Church of St. Nicholas in Helsinki. St. George's sister church is The Church of the Holy Cross, Palermo.


Via Pirandello 24, Taormina
(next door to Pensione Svizzera)

Phone 0039 0942 23859

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